Dog Almighty Elixirs


That’s what we’re about … doing our part so the both of you can enjoy more carefree days together. So, go for it! Take more walks, jump in the car, go to the park and share more adventures with your buddy. Keeping dogs happy, moving, and making memories - that's what we do!!

No More Pills or Powders

Say bye-bye to the hassle of powders, pills, and pouches. Dog Almighty Elixirs are convenient liquid supplements that dogs love to drool over!

How do you serve it?

For Mobility elixirs, give your dog the instructed amount before their water daily. For Calm elixirs, just do the same several hours before anticipated anxiety. (Like fireworks night—woof!)

Just a few spoonfuls is all it takes!

Flavors Dogs Love

Each flavor is available in both Mobility and Calm formulas


Beef and Mushroom


Our formulas come in three "drool-worthy" elixirs that dogs love! Beef & Mushroom, Chicken, and Turkey! Say "good-bye" to the hassle of pills and powders!

Help YOUR Dog Thrive

Our Mobility formula is a blend of collagen peptides, L-Carnitine and vitamins and minerals that helps maintain healthy bone and joint function…


Perfect Replacement

I love the convenient and pantry safe containers and my dog loves the bone broth flavor! Hopefully this replaces her glucosamine and CBD.

– Springer S.

Super Convenient

What a great idea to make something for a dog's joints thats NOT in a pill or a powder! So easy and super convenient. My dog now thinks he did something special when I give him his supplement! Thank you!

– Anne F.

Huge Improvement!

I tried this with my older, senior dog and saw a huge improvement after a few days. He REALLY likes the Chicken formula too!

– Kenny R.

I'm Ordering More Today!!

My first chicken broth order came and my dogs LOVE it!!!

– Jennifer S.

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